Stereoscopic view...

I have GeForce 2 Deluxe with stereo-glasses. I’d like to use stereoscopy in my own applications based on OpenGL. What should I do? Is there some special (for my graphic board) extension or something???

First of all, if the glasses work with games, then I think that any full screen app will work with them automatically (more or less).

Secondly, if you modify your card such that the GeForce2 is detected as a Quadro, you should be able to use the left and right OpenGL buffers directly, AFAIK.

Correction: NVIDIA just released stereo glasses drivers for all cards and OSs. Yeah! Finally my Revelators will work on Win2K!

I’ve downloaded Nvidia’s Stereo Drivers but they don’t install. It comes up saying there was a problem registering in the registry and then when you get past that you can’t go in to Display Properties because something is missing.

Anyone have this prob or know how to fix it? I’m running 2K and Geforce 2 64mb job.