stereoscopic view with two images

To be able to get a 3D impression out of 2 pictures using shutter spectacles/glasses, it is necessary that the monitor shows the image for the right eye and the image for the left eye alternately. So it has to dispose the images with every refresh / vertical synch. Can this be programmed with OpenGL, and if yes, where can I find information about the topic? (Sorry for my bad English, and for this supposedly baby-question…)

Well, I don’t know much about shutter spectacles but if i understand you correctly, what you want is :

  • to draw a picture for a one eye (in 1 frame)
  • draw second picture for a second eye (in 2 frame)
    Meaby I just don’t get it but if that’s what you are thinking about it’s very simple.
    Try something like this :

static bool LeftEye = true;

// Call procedures
if (LeftEye) DrawPicture1();
else DrawPicture2();

LeftEye = !LeftEye; // Change the value

you must have a 3d card that supports quad buffers, that is two buffers per eye.

you draw a picture in each eye’s back buffer,
and your card’s drivers will switch between left and right buffers at each vertical refresh, synchronized with the shutter glasses, also driven by the drivers.

nvidia has some stereoscopic drivers for consumer cards (windows only )>

I have never used them so I can’t tell you how they work.

If you are under linux, look at softgenlock>

to pretend you have a quad buffer even if you don’t.

good luck

thank you both!