stereoscopic driver add-on

oder eigentlich kann ich den Text ja auch gleich hier anhängen:

i guys,

sorry, if this maybe offtopic but:

I’ve tried in many forums now and read many articles on the web.
But none dealed with creating a driver add-on for ati cards to get
stereoscopic viewing done in anaglyph mode.

So here’s what I want to do (please compare to elas 3d Revelator driver
or nvidia 3d stereo driver):

I want to programme a driver or programme which enables you to

  • switch to anaglyph mode in any stereo-ready enabled application
  • switch to anaglyph mode in any game using direct3d/directx or opengl
  • provide different stereo separation
  • provide a gamma control (stereo mode will be darker normally I
  • providing a control panel to do the setup for all.
  • different configuration for different games
  • laser sight

I have still no idea where to start.

So here are my questions:

Do I have to write a driver to catch all directx/opengl data and
generate a pic for the left eye a pic for the right eye and merge it in
anyglyph (red/cyan or any other color combinations?!) mode?

If so, how may I catch the data? Would I have to write a directx and an
opengl-wrapper as a dll or does it have to be a programme providing a
systemwide hook based in a dll?

How could I provide a shortcut to toggle features while playing the
game? System-wide hook for shortcut needed?

Is it possible at all?

Will I need the Microsoft DDK to use it?

Generating the cpl file for system properties: can it be done in C#? I
read some articles about saying it would only be possible in C++ or C.

Would you like me to do it? No matter if, I want to do this and to
learn of it, if it is possible…

What programming will I have to do?

I guess so far I have to do the following:

  • writing a control panel applet (cpl file) to be able to set
  • write a driver catching the data of opengl or directx from any game
    or any application started using one of those technologies (maybe
    vxd?), don’t still know about it…
  • modifying the data for anaglyph mode
  • compose the data for anaglyph mode as set in properties of the
    control panel
  • send it on as intended!?

would this be correct?

could someone advise me how to really start?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

P.S.: And sorry for my very bad English. I am from Germany.