stereo rendering to 2 different dispalys

My opengl application renders stereoscopic images/videos. I use the left and right back buffers (Nvidia quadro 3700) to display the view from each eye. I currently got a lenticular display so I need only a single output: I render the left and right images horizontaly interlaced (using a stencil buffer).

Is there a way to use the dual output of the quadro 2 display the same image on 2 different resolution displays ? The problem is that I must render the scene with 2 different resolutions : the application resolution output must be the same as display resolution otherwise the lenticuls display distorted image.

I realize that the gl_left_buffer and gl_right_buffer must be of the same size.

render scene into framebuffer object with a colour texture attached. Make the texture the size of the highest resolution display. Draw a full screen quad into a window on display#1, and do the same in a window on display#2.