stereo display using NVIDIA FX 4600 under Windows

As I discussed in a previous post, I’ve developed some Fortran code which calls OpenGL code to display multibeam backscatter data draped over a 3D image of the seabottom multibeam depth data, in stereo, and am using NuVision glasses and a 19in CRT.

I recently upgraded to a Quad Core machine running under Windows 7. To date, I have been unable to get the FX 1400 to display in stereo under Windows 7.

Two questions.

Has anyone succeeded in getting an FX 4600 to display in stereo under 64-bit Windows 7 using NuVision (or NVIDIA) stereo glasses?

Has anyone succeeded in getting any NVIDIA Quadro board to display in stereo under 64-bit Windows 7 on a Samsung 2233Z or similar 3D monitor?

Norm Campbell

May I suggest contacting Nvidia support? They are very responsive on Quadro-related issues.

I haven’t tested stereo rendering under Vista or Win7, so I cannot help you there. Have you tried installing newer drivers from (the default drivers from Windows won’t do) and using a fullscreen window? (AFAIK Vista/Win7 can’t do stereoscopic rendering in regular windows, you most go into fullscreen mode by creating a maximized, WS_POPUP window.)

I downloaded the drivers from the NVIDIA site.

How do you contact NVIDIA support? When I checked their website, the links I found referred me to the manufacturers. Is there somewhere else to find a link?