stencil buffer clearing messing up in pbuffer

hi guys, i need some help in this, please:

i’m using RTT to render to a 2D texture, strangely if i clear the stencil buffer the color buffer gets horrible artifacts(portions of the image don’t show). However if i change the pbuffer to render to a RECTANGLE texture it renders just fine.

For now i’m just rendering a colored quad into the pbuffer and then i use the texture to render in ortho mode to the screen.

I’ve already queried the pbuffer, it shows that it has a 8 bit stencil buffer(just as i requested). So what’s wrong?

I had a similar problem with artifacts being random black blocks in the pbuffer. this occured as soon as i switched on the depth test. this seems to be the case with nvidia drivers 61.77 and higher or so.
see the other posts regarding render to texture…
it’s high time this stuff gets clarified, imho!
are there any new requirements regarding the initialization of pbuffers introduced with the new drivers?

Thanks, jar/science.

You’re confirming what i thought, it’s probably a driver issue after all.

Shouldn’t i email the Nvidia guys about this?
Because this looks more like a driver bug than like a setup problem.

Anyway i’d like more people to give their opinion about this before i email Nvidia.

It’s confirmed, it’s a driver bug. I’ve installed some older drivers and the problem is gone.

Does anyone know if this bug has already been reported to Nvidia?

Please send me a binary that reproduces this issue and I’ll file a bug if the problem hasn’t been fixed in recent internal drivers.

btw, the problem mostly seems to occur in fullscreen mode, windowed often works fine…