stencil buffer and webgl?

Hello again,

did somebody tried to use the stencil function in webgl? I could not see a functionality.

I enabled STENCIL_TEST and tried stencilFunc(NEVER), but it draws all triangles. (At first I tried to mask the screen for a mirror quad. It failed so I tried the more simple test with NEVER - failed too) :frowning:

Is it not implemented yet in Firefox 4. Beta2-3

Thanks Titan

PS Firefox 4 Beta 3 has massiv textureproblems to me too :frowning:

No idea on the stencil buffer, but for textures, if you are using a non-power-of-two texture, that might be your problem. There is only partial support for NPOT textures. You have to make sure that: you do not use the GL_REPEAT wrapping parameter (only CLAMP_TO_EDGE is supported), and you are not using mipmaps (your min/mag filters have to be either GL_NEAREST or GL_LINEAR).

Hope this helps.