Stealth 3 S540 + Anisotropic filtering

I installed my Stealth 3 S540 correctly,
but I can’t use the anisotropic-filtering option, does anybody know how I enable this option.


Sorry no answer here just a question How good is a Card with the stealth 3 Chipset? on a list of 1-10 and if you can please put what video you think #10 is.

Yeah I know, but if you would say what I can do about it, that would be alot nicer…

If you know how to enable anisotropic-filtering please reply.


I used the DirectX uninstaller,
and reinstalled directX 8.0
but it didn’t change a thing.

I know the Stealth supports it,
but I don’t know how to activate

If you have a Stealth 3 S540 and you can choose anisotropic filtering, let me know!

(And If you can do it, please include the drivers you use, and OS your a running on)