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Hi there,

I have worked on PC version on OpenGL want to get set go for 3D mobile, infact i did some j2me development.

Where do get necessary libraries, codes, turorials which will enable me write HELLO WORLD styled OpenGL ES code and enable me to run on my cell phone.

Isnt there OpenGL ES for Dummies avaialable online :slight_smile:



The hello world for ES is given at

For getting started you can probably use the OpenGL ES reference implementation which can be downloaded from

The vs.dsw file in the vs folder opens up a VC workspace with test projects for common and common lite profiles. You can run them and see the results.

You can also try the Klimt implementation from sourceforge…

Hope this helps.

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Hi Neelima,

I downloaded the "OpenGL ES 1.0 Sample Implementation (Open Source Wrapper for Desktop OpenGL) " package from the website you mentioned. I tried to execute the vs.dsw, it says “gl_sin.h” is not available.

Did you try it ?


Look here.

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Dear all,

I am very new to OpenGL ES. I downloaded the “OpenGL ES 1.0 Sample Implementation (Open Source Wrapper for Desktop OpenGL)” package from and then i unzip but i did not see “The vs.dsw file in the vs folder”. How can i run it?

Another question:

I create and “c” file in VC++ 6 run on Windows 2000 and copy and paste the example in “eglIntro - introduction to OpenGL ES in an EGL window system”. When i compiled it show error “fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: ‘unistd.h’: No such file or directory
Error executing cl.exe.”. What should i do next in order to run this example?



The example code in the manual does not work for windows. You have to create a window class, create a window hooked up to your message loop, and create the rendering context based on the window device context of your window.

You need something like main.cpp and the InitOpenGL function from

Hope that helps,

Hi Martin,

Thanks! It worked. It ran the cube example and it was very flickery. Was it supposed to be that way ?


The code I pointed you at sets up timer events that cause a regular repaint. For a static image you might want to remove the timer creation.

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