Stationary (directional) light? How?

Hi…again :wink:

I have been trying to get a directional light to stay in the same position no matter where I place the camera, without any luck.

We have this 3D engine we are porting to use a driver based system and - essentially - it requires us to force OpenGL into at the moment - so, currently no matrix stacks - and the way things are done are kind of based on D3D :frowning:

If I place a directional C3DLight - that’s out class - in the scene and rotate the camera around a box, the light always lights the front of the box in OpenGL, in D3D it doesn’t.

I’ve tried changing the model matrix - glLoadIdentity() followed by inverse of camera matrix - and many other solutions I thought I’d found on this board, but so far, nothing seems to work.

Any ideas from the knowledgable people here?

Luke A. Guest.

check the faq

set your light position after you have set the camera position (so you have to do this every frame).