Static Mesh and Dynamic mesh

hi guys :slight_smile:
about Static Mesh and Dynamic i have several question
in the first i would like to talk about Skeleton with VBO
About skeleton with VBO i discussed this thread.

i hoave three way to do it

A. using glsl: sending Bones as uniform and index with wehight as attribute (it is perfect and fast)
B. Using Vertex Array without VBO (slower)
C. Update VBO using glBufferSubData (even slower)
D. Update VBO using glM apBuffer(the slowest)

eventually we reached that using GLSL is the best
game engines software such as Unreal Engine , Unity are using glsl (i am sure exactly)

so my question: why they are using deffrent kinde of Meshes (Static-Dynamic) as are assuming they are using glsl

thank you :wink: