Static Linking

Hello All
I am using OpenGL with MFC, and I am wondering how to do static linking for GL libraries (gl, glu, glut, glaux,…) so that I don’t have to ask other guys to install these libraries on their PC’s

GL and GLU libraries are part of the operating system. Your guys have them installed and as far as I know, they can’t be statically linked. As for glut and glaux (I think glaux hasn’t been around for years anymore), you just link to the static version of the library.

This is not really OpenGL related question. See your compilers manual instead, please.

also glaux is very very old (last updated last century i believe) + shouldnt be used.
its a similar story with glut

Don’t know about glaux, but glut (FreeGLUT specifically) is still maintained. Very handy on occasion for simple testing. It’s delivered with most Linux distros I believe. The last release was back in 2005, but the API is pretty simple, and if there’s no bug fixes or new bolt-on feature, there’s no need to re-release.