starting trouble??

how do i start off with opengl.
do any of u know of some good tutorial.
i tried and found lotsa stuff, but not 1 comprehensive tutorial for beginners.

Have a look to NeHe’s tutorials.

You should go buy or find the web version of the

OpenGL programming guide.

This book gives all the basic of opengl and is better than some tutorial on the web because some of them have incorrect or incomplete information.

Yes the two ways are good-ways !

GORG: is there really a web-version of the OpenGL-Guide available ? Can you send me the URL to my email, please !
Which version of OpenGL-Guide is it ?
The new from A&W, by Mason Woo, “Learning OpenGL 1.2 - the official guide to…”

check in their programming/opengl section for the blue and red book