Starting to learn to code 3d stuff

First and foremost, I know basic C++, but I want to go further and develop a program/game. But the only problem is, I don’t know where I should start to learn about Rendering, Textures, Models, Physics, etc… Could anybody help me? Please don’t flame me…It doesn’t help me.

I am a beginner too, and as a beginner I highly reccomend NeHe’s tutorial page. You can find a link to it from the website, under coding.
But you should also check out the Red book. NeHe’s is easier to understand and will get you started more quickly, but the Red book is necessary as a refernece and for a more indepth understanding of opengl, assuming you want to use openGL.

Where can I get the Red Book? ISDN number?

red book = OpenGL Programming Guide 3rd Edition - The Official Guide to Learning OpenGL, Version 1.2 by the OpenGL Architecture Review Board, 1999, Addison-Wesley. Sorry, don’t have it with me at the moment so no ISBN.

Earlier versions are online. Do a search of the beginners forum for the topic “red book”, “tutorial” and similar. You’ll find heaps of links.

Hope that helps.

Originally posted by Dommy:
Where can I get the Red Book? ISDN number?

Yes, I highly recommend the Red Book also…Here’s the link to buy it on Amazon:…5407845-7497346

Take it easy, and have fun