Starting stereo IV

Hello, again, stereo people! ( everyone else is flat?? Hmmm… )
Things are working fine but complex models ( MANY thousands of polygons ) are running slowly. We are going to jack-up the hardware, but as the software guy I need to do my part. It seems that the major slowdown is in drawing the huge model to both of the buffers, back-left and back-right. Is there a way to draw the model only once? Maybe model it and then view it? The red book ( Woo ) says no. Can I copy the data in the back left ( RGBA & depth ) to the back-right, THEN make the frustum for each side? Quick looks thru the red book and Superbible don’t show how to do this since copypixels and readpixels don’t seem to be appropriate. Any suggestions?

Wecome back I’ve never thought of doing that before, but glReadPixels() and glDrawPixels() might do it. Let me know if it improves performance.