Starting OpenGL (3-d platformer)

I am starting OpenGl again, after starting a while back only to give up because of the quick convenience of Game Maker 6. I am trying to get away from that and start a project so that I can learn how to use OpenGL for games. So I have decided to make a Side Scrolling Platformer and use OpenGL, I am going to keep at it so that I do not fall back into using GM6 (what others at my college use, yea seriously)

I know how to use Blender 3d fully to the extent that I need, i know a lot about 3-d math, this is all the prerequisites needed for starting an OpenGL game right?

I was wondering if anyone knows of any Tutorials or Vid-Tutorials for this sort of thing? (3-d platformer, openGL,loading 3dmodels)

I am Using MSVC++ Express + OpenGL + GLUT for making these games. Is this a smart choice?

Also the programs that I make will be cross-platform correct? (I know they must be compiled for each platform)

Last of all would anyone like to join me on this project? (I know some people like to teach to better understand it for them selves) if so just pm me.

This is my first post on this Forum btw.

Thanks in advance.

  • Walker

YoYo Games’s Game Maker 6

I am Using MSVC++ Express + OpenGL + GLUT for making these games.

GLUT isn’t.

Also the programs that I make will be cross-platform correct?

Yes and no. The OpenGL initialization will have to be platform-specific.

I find GLFW better for games, as a simple cross-platform GL framework.

Consider using OpenTK + <any .net language>. This way you’ll get a pretty portable application without a need to rebuild it on each platform.

Also, your questions look a bit weird. If you don’t have any OpenGL experience, then just get it: write demos, small games, try to use existing engines. You’ll know the capabilities of the tools yourself before starting a serious project. It’s unwise to try to create something big from the first try.

Wow, OpenTK :slight_smile: Is there any commercial game written with that M$-inspired heretical thing? I’d never have thought of that. Is it so hard to write some init code for GL and do some other porting?

CodeWalker, as always, modeling programs are for more than modeling geometry these days. Make a “model” (broadly speaking, not just geometry) of your game in blender or some other modeling program, then port it or its prototype wherever you want, OpenTK, glut, pyGL, … any OS you want. You’re not gonna get far without an artist, so you better learn some modeling and drawing.

Again, you can make your whole game in a modeling program these days. Or a pretty good prototype at least. Then port it, if you like.

I’m not aware of the commercial OpenTK-based projects, but I’m sure there are some. There is not much heretic-ism about that: my project works out of the box on Mono (which is available on many platforms), and .Net origin doesn’t make it worse.

The really good benefits of OpenTK are:
*nice strongly-typed enums and GL/AL/CL bindings
*mega-fast compilation of large projects
*unified binary - best performance on all platforms

I was thinking, maybe OpenTK would be good for browser-based games. You could support IE and gecko browsers from a common code base this way maybe. But then again, C++ can do this aswell, only by using different binaries.