starting a project

what are the stages of creating a new project in Microsoft visual studio. net that will regonise open Gl programming with c++.

ive been working within old projects, and would like to know how to begin a new project from scratch

if anyone knows can they say what to click on step by step…

i need to find out to start a course work for uni




Start a new C++ Project, set for Windows Application, Blank Project. Then right click on your project in the Solution Explorer and goto properties, goto Link on the left, and under input, add Additonal Libraries as needed, (opengl32.lib, etc.)

Then just #include<gl/gl.h> or whatever else you need as needed.

Windows or Console Application will do the same. If you go with console application you get a “nice” dos window, which can be handilly used for debugging. The previous poster covers everything. Apart from that if you meand write the code yourself then you either download glut which is really simple, or you can take on some simple Win32 programming. :slight_smile:

Win32 prog such as Nehe’s step by step lessons using Microsoft’s Visual tool