starter question

I am new to using glut, and in fact I am currently installing it now.

My question is where is a good place to look for learning how to program/display in 3d. I am basically trying to teach myself and have no clue where to start learning…

Any help would be great, and again, I have never done any visiual programming before.


Take a look here:

And of course here:


i have tutorials too at:


It has got hell lots of tutorials beginning from ABCDs of graphics programming… There are lots of examples to help you and each example is associated with a windows/Linux/Irix/Unix code too. Hope that helps!!


Buy the OpenGL SuperBible, 2nd ed., by Wright and Sweet – and work your way through it.

They start with the very basics, using glut, and only at the end do they cover some Win32 stuff.

If you want to learn about 3d graphics (rather than just using an API like OpenGL), Real-Time Rendering, by Akenine-Moller and Haines is excellent. They just came out with a new edition.