Start something new with C# OpenGL Framework

Version 1.8 adds:
[ul][li]True Zooming™ (Perfect Zoom Fit in both parallel and perspective mode)[*]Imaging (Copy, Save and Print for OpenGL control’s client area)[/ul][/li]What is C# OpenGL Framework for .NET 2.0?C# OpenGL Framework is a interactive 3D Graphics application entirely written in C# (no unsafe code, external assemblies or dlls). It features all the common 3D graphics commands found in commercial products.

Why should I be interested in C# OpenGL Framework?
If you dream to develop your own 3D Graphics application, such as CAD/CAM/CAE, Entertainment, Medical Imaging, Virtual Reality, etc. and don’t want to loose time with zoom/pan/rotate, selection, shadows, import/export, etc. you need C# OpenGL Framework. With C# OpenGL Framework you start from a source code that already implements all those basic features.

What IDE should I use to start working on C# OpenGL Framework?
C# OpenGL Framework is developed and maintained using Microsoft Visual C# 2005 Express Edition that can be download for free. The source code is delivered as a zipped Microsoft Visual Studio solution.

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