"Start Point" for OPENGLES

This is my first post to this forum. I am a noobie in opengles for mobile… please help me by answering following question and providing related info.

Q1. whats the start point for starting opengles development. Which development SDK, emulator I need and how do I integrate opengles with it.

Q2. Can anyone provide an hello world kind of example. comments will be very appreciated

Q3. Can I use j2me and opengles together, or is it for Pocket PC/VC++ environment only. Please help, I have very little knowledge.

thanks for the answers in advance! :slight_smile: and sorry for the naive questions, but I need a start :oops:

by the way, I want to make 3d games for sony ericssion or nokia series 60 phones using opengl es… please guide…

Have you checked out Forum Nokia or the Sony Ericsson Developer web site? AFAIK, both companies have some form of 3D developer kits available.

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I am bit confused here…
Is jsr 184 same as opengl es?? or do we have to add opengles libraries separately for java games.
also can you please share some useful links that put more light on opengles role with j2me?
thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

At least Nokia has

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No. JSR184 (or M3G) is a high-level scene graph API for Java platforms, whereas OpenGL ES is a low-level, native graphics API based on OpenGL. It is true, however, that some (if not all) of the existing JSR184 implementations are implemented on top of an OpenGL ES implementation.

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I suggest you to download the nokia examples, they are a good guide to start OpenGL ES programming!

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