Standards for discussing/reporting OpenGL issues


There are quite a few examples/tutorials introducing OpenGL. Many of them are cited in various posts in the OpenGL forums. Another way for someone to report a problem or ask a question is to paste some or all of the code they’re using in the post.

It would be useful (probably) to have a few standard examples, possibly link to form the OpenGL site itself, which could be used as templates by anyone wishing to ask a question via some code. These could be some existing examples (Nehe, other…) or written from scratch.

When submiting a new question, in the shape of ‘I have this code and doesn’t work’, there could be an option to use one of the standard examples to post the code. That would simplify the process of tracking the problem down and answering the question.

May be something like this already exists, if so, it’s definitely not promoted by the forum (or is it?).

Any thoughts on this?


It does sound like a good idea to me.