stair climbing

Yep…thats exactly what im trying to do.
i.e… make it seem like the player is actually walking around in the world rather than just viewing the world through a movable camera. I havent yet tried any of the stuff thats been suggested (no time!) but i think i’ll try some kind of interpolation thing so as not to let the new movement position be too far away from the current one (depending on the current velocity)…hopefully that will smooth out the stairs thing but still feel like you’re moving up stairs and not a slope.

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[b]Well excuse me if you guys dig that stuff (stair climbing realism) but to me it gets dizzying when the camera shakes too much. It’s a good thing most games dont implement shaking for walking.

Ever tried filming with a camera while walking or running?

Better put that in options section!


You felt dizzy during Saving Private Ryan?

My basic collision detection had things like stair climbing thrown in for free,Make sure you use sliding planes and then when you come across a stair you auomaticly end up sliding up the stair in a nice smooth way.

Collision detection is never realistic as it uses spheres/elipsoids/cylinders to fake a physical body. A proper C.D algorithm would be highly connected to both physics and the skeletal animation so that collisions are based on parts of the body colliding with the world effecting the skeleton and thus the head and thus the camera and moving the limbs about. The movement should also be realisticly modeled not a simple vector moving forwards but basd on human walking motion.

This is not too advanced for a 20 strong team but for the rest of us its best just to concentrate on the basics. Oh and even if you had this fully acurate model then it would be sick making as the human brain consciously removes most of the movement from your vision- this is what makes it possible to read a book even although your hands and eyes move slowly. So if any wobble on the samera is needed it should be very minimal.

2 conflicting idea but both correct and it depends what you are after.


ive read about the sliding plane thing and if it acheives the stair climbing for free I might try implement that as a replacement of my current method…