ST:EF Error: Could not initialize OpenGL

I’m having difficulty being able to play Star Trek: Voyager-Elite Force because I get the following error:
ST:EF Error: Could not initialize OpenGL.
I am using SheepShaver to boot into OS 9 so I can play the game, and I set that up correctly. (My computer is 2009 Macbook Pro 13 model) After installing the game I also installed the OpenGL 1.1.2 package that came with the game. But when I click on single player I get the error message:
ST:EF Error: Could not initialize OpenGL.
I found an earlier thread from 2001 where people had the same issue, and some repliers said it may be because of the virtual memory settings or even the video card. My graphics/displays video card for Macbook is an NVIDIA GeForce 9400M. Not sure if this is sufficient for the Star Trek game? I’m also uncertain if the SheepShaver operates under the Macbook’s video card settings? In OS 9 under the SheepShaver emulator I can’t turn on the virtual memory. It said “This computer has more than 995 MB of RAM installed. Virtual Memory can only be used when less than this amount of RAM is installed.” So I can’t even figure out how or if I can turn on and increase the Virtual Memory in OS 9. While setting up the disk volumes for SheepShaver I made sure to allocate a good amount of RAM space. I put 1024 MB for Virtual Machine Settings. The OS 9 volume has 1000 MB.
Any help would be appreciated. If you have more questions I can offer more specific info.