Spurious allocation in Default OpenGL ES application

Hello Experts,

I am developing an OpenGL ES application and have encountered a problem in my opengl application where there were spurious allocation was happening during the rendering process.

Attached is the stack trace of the application where the allocation was taking place. Interestingly, i removed all the rendering objects, but still the allocation was speeding up and some 20 minutes of launching application total memory usage reached the maximum limit eventually leading to crash…


Another, interesting thing the, the glAlphaFuncX method (where the allocation is happening) is not being used at all…

You can regenerate this by creating the default Apple’s OpenGL application in Xcode (3.1.3 iPhone 3.0 GM seed) and you can notice this in instruments while running the build on the device.

Has any one encountere this problem?

Please dig me out of this problem…

Thanks in advance

I am also having this problems while using cocos2d-iphone. Any ideas, anyone?

I’m having this same problem too. Did anyone find a solution?