Spotlight properties


I just want to add that what gets me is we’ve managed to make 2 pages of discussions just to go back and forth on this! :doh:


My render results seem wrong because dae files about falloff_angle don’t have normals, this is why one of my render result was incorrect! I also fixed other’s color by normalized eye vector :slight_smile: now, I’m working on generating normals then I hope render result will be same (Actually it will not because generated normals are face normals)

Also I’ve published my libraries, check this thread:


Keep it up. COLLADA needs new, excitable energy! I apologize again by the way for my misdirections…

I seem to have some kind of analytical dyslexia that from time to time makes my brain invert signals and reach some very inexplicable conclusions. It probably keeps me humble. It kept my math teachers scratching their heads grading my work that would occasionally take a turn that no one could understand why, considering I was the top of my classes, especially with algebra. But the nice thing about programming is you iterate on the code, the debugger catches your “typos” and you fix them and move on and no one dies (in my field) so you can say it suits me perfectly :slight_smile: