Spline interpolation

Hello everyone,

My project aims to control a robot arm smoothly reached a random 3d position on a surface of a object. I can get 3d points on the object surface by using a sensor,but obviously it is impossible for me to get the numberless points on it. So I am wondering that maybe I can construct the surface of the object by spline interpolation (e.g.NURBS…) with some 3d points got from the object. So after this, I can calculate the position on the object surface.

Since I have no experience with computer grapic, I do not know if it is possiable with my idea. If it’s possible, can I do the interpolation by using OpenGL ES and where to start please.

Any help is appreciate,


Is there a way to obtain the control points via the points on the curve or surface with opengl es? Or where can I find a similar code about it?

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