Spider3D v3 is starting to shape up

There’s no multitexturing yet, so this demo does 3 passes to get the result I was looking for. The first pass is the base color, the second pass is a spheremap if it’s present and the third pass is specular lighting.

This demo is showing off everything that Spider3D v3 can do:
-Dynamicly control objects attached to bones
-Collision detection for movable and non movable objects
-Specular lighting
-Multiple texture layers
-Oh…I guess one isn’t in there yet, and that’s transparent surfaces

I’m waiting until Spider3D v4 before I impliment vertex programs and fragment programs. Baby steps .

Anyway, I thought I show you guys the kind of progress I’ve made with your help.

Spitfire4.zip - 610K

Press the tilde key and type in fullscreen then enter to pop it into fullscreen mode. You can get a better idea of fps that way.

If any one else has demos could you post them in here. I enjoy seeing what progress you guys have made with OpenGL.

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Very nice indeed. Source code please!?!?

Spider3D is a closed source library so I can’t let you see all of the source code, however, when Spider3D v3 is finaly released, I will post parts of the code for those interested. That will most likely happen on my forums though.

For now the best I can do for you is let you view my winmain.cpp file. It shows how to init, draw, manipulate and do collision detection with Spider3D v3. It will also give you a glimpse into my new OpenGL init code I call SpiderGL. SpiderGL makes it super easy to init OpenGL and it will be open source when I release Spider3D v3.

The code is a bit messy right now(cleaner than my demos at spider3d.com ) but is still easy to read IMO. Here ya go: winmain.cpp

Thanks - I was just interested to know if you are using cube maps or what for your environment mapping and of course, a quick tutorial on how to do it

The simulated finish is done using a spheremap but it really needs to be a cube map.

I’m using the good ol’ glBlendFunc and glDepthFunc(GL_LEQUAL). First the skin for the plane is drawn and then it’s drawn again with glBlendFunc(GL_DST_COLOR, GL_ONE_MINUS_DST_COLOR) and then again with glBlendFunc(GL_ONE, GL_ONE) for the specular.

Nutty has some great demos for using cubemaps at nutty.org. I havn’t really used cubemaps myself yet.

Look very good. I couldn’t have done better myself. In fact, if I tried, I probibly would have done alot worse… I don’t know how consoles work yet.

Thank you reubenhawkins.

If you dl one of my demos at Spider3d.com take a look at command.cpp and console.cpp. Feel free to use any of my code in your programs.