I would like to know how build 3D solids ( spheres, cones, etc ) using only triangles and and/or rectangles. Anyone can give me some good link or info?
I know I can use some gl functions to make them but I wanna learn how to make them myself.

gluQuadratic is probably the easiest way to draw a sphere, but if you want to do it yourself, Ammeraal has some source code to generate data sets for spheres, toruses etc, here


Its from his great little book Programming Principles in Computer Graphics, 2nd ed. I think the code from the newer Java edition is also there somewhere.

Thanks !

You may wanna check glut source code. It has a lot ofexamples on how to create sphere, toros etc. from triangles or quads.

you may wanna check glut source code, it has a lot of examples on drawing spheres and toruses etc. from triangles and quads.