i like to see my little engine running on a GeForce or similar with 200 f/s in 115286416 or 32 bpp mode, but when i run it on other systems( old Intel card for example), i get 1 fps maximum. i’m optimizing my c++code to the fullest and try to send as few gfx as possible to the hardware, but the bottleneck just is ONLY the OpenGL graphics calls.

rigt now i’m trying to run it in 8-bit palette mode,havent figured it out completely yet. what else could i do? i know i could switch off some textures and stuff, but even this wont be enough. could you please tell me how to setup the pixelformat and stuff for the palette-mode, and besides tell me some other things about speeding it up?


If you see 1 fps, you’re probably not running in hardware accellerated mode. This could be because 1) you don’t have GL drivers for your card installed or 2) your game uses some texture or rendering mode which is not hardware accellerated by the card, so it falls back to software.

i know this…

the card i ran it on is a intel 2mb, so i didnt expect HW-acceleration. but i want my program to run “fast” in software,too. ( DirectX programs can run “fast” in software mode, but OpenGL is all about HW-acell.

Typical Windows GL software drivers are not
implemented for speed. You would be lucky
if they got correctness right :frowning:
You’ll have to write your own software
renderer if you want the fallback to perform
well, and that renderer probably has to know
about the internals/details of how your
particular application renders.