Speed with specific hardware

I ,
as so many people i 'm learning Opengl i was wondering how many triangles
could be get with a 700Mhz computer + a GeForce card in order to see if i had really
make an awfull code…
I use no optimisation of any kind (Display list).
What can be considerated as a correct number of poly ?
If some one has ideas (your own value for your hadrware for exemple) they arre welcome.

I have a PIII 800, with a standard Geforce 256, and managed to get around 3 1/2 million indexed triangles a second, using a single texture, explicit texture coords, in a display list.

That was using an 83,000 poly model. Adding sphere mapping, generally halved the frame rate.

Wow, that are numbers. I’ve to play with 10.000 + a bit polies in order to survive… On a TNT…

yes but u do 10000 tris at more than 1 frame per second eg 30fps is 300,000 tris a second which aint bad at all for a tnt1

Ok, thank you, for the reply, i’ll check my code to find where the problems come