speed up an opengl application

I want to speed up my opengl application.
I hope you can help me.
I don`t know how to use vertex arrays, display lists, nv_vertex_fences.Why it is good when i use compiled vertexarray.
I will be happy if you give me some urls where i can find articles, tutorials, some source codes about these.


Take a look in the developers section at www.nvidia.com and download the SDK there. In this there is a demo called Learning_VAR, which demonstrates how to make use of AGP memory. That’s already a bunch faster. For static or rare updating polygon data you can also use video memory a very similar way. But there’s also a nice docu in this SDK too. If you have got an ATI Radeon 8000 or better take a look at www.ati.com. There is a documentation of the VAO (Vertex Array Object) extension with which you can store your vertices in video memory as well for much faster data output of your “uploaded” vertexdata.