Speed projection in Open GL

how depend speed of the projection in OpenGL ?

normally nothing, if you change the projection you also change whats being rendered, so that might cause a difference, but you should be fill limited anyway so it shouldn’t matter in the end

i make mesh 50x50x50xcube and 50x50x50xcube from lines . It works very slow . mesh is rotary and change space , zoom in , zoom out .

the projection is in all probability the last of your worries for speed.
It’s far more likely that you are not making optimal use of buffer objects and or vertex arrays.

what i am ought to do ?

you have said nothing about how you are rendering the mesh and lines. All we can do is guess because you post no information.
For all we know it could be the rasterisation of the mesh which is the slowest part (some really complex pixel shader). Give us something solid to work with and we’ll try to help.

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