Specular not wanted

I have a problem with my chairs.
A white color appears in my chair when I enable lighting. It seems to be specular light but I don’t put specular light here. I put the specular of the light at 0. The direction of the light doesn’t affect the problem. There is all the time this color.
The most etrange is that I have 3 lights, two of them give color white to my chairs, and the other gives the color black…
What’s this? is that specular?
What could I try to find the problem?

Perhaps all the diffuse values are adding up to clamp at white. Or perhaps all the ambient values are adding up with other terms to clamp at white. Hmm… probably ambient and clamping. Watch your total light level. You have ambient in the light models and I THINK the lights, not sure what the default is, I think 0.2, depending on the ambient reflectivity of the material you could easily end up with ambient of 0.8 which you then add the diffuse to, then it clamps at 1.0 making most of the illuminated geometry clamp at white on the highlights, faking a kind of white specular effect. Watch your totals.

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If that doesn’t fix it, try lowering the intensity of your lights and/or play around with the material attributes.