Specular Lighting on a Texture


I have run into a bit of a problem. I am doing different specular lighting effects on a highly tesselated mesh, which looks really nice by the way. When I apply my metal texture ( I am trying to get a metallic shine ) I lose all my lighting. I enabled blending but this doesnt seem to work correctly. Do I have to render the mesh with my lighting effects, then render it again with my texture and lighting disabled, then blend? If so, are there any other options? Because rendering my mesh twice will be quite costly. One other thing I have noticed is that I have to draw my mesh in pure white, so the texture is not colored differently. Does specifying a primitive color with glColor3f() before I draw have any effect on lighting? Thanks for any help.

Old GLman

this has been fixed in opengl1.2
search for ‘seperate specular lighting/texture’
btw the answers in the faq (www.opengl.org right side of page)

Ah sorry about that I completley forgot about the FAQ. Anyways I have the two pass technique put in at the moment, and it looks really nice, and not as costly as I thought. It’s nice having a seperate specular lighting mode though. Being forced to use a two pass technique is really a horrible solution, imo. Thanks for the pointer.

Old GLman