Specifying an Idle Function

Hi. I am programming an Active X component in VC++ 6.0 that uses OpenGL. I am relatively new to OPenGL but I have been able to do everything I need to do under different circumstances except that I have difficulty putting things together under the same environment. I need to specify an IdleFunction to simulate an animated graphics mode. I thought the documentation using glut was rather straight foward however I have mainly been using WINGDI commands for things such as SwapBuffers rather than glut. Does anyone know of a WINGDI command for specifying an IdleFunction or must I use glutIdleFunc?

I’m not a Windows savy developer, but, I can tell you that GLUT should not be used with Windows calls – or any other windowing system’s calls for that matter.

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Got it working using wgl and gl commands inside windows ::OnIdle function.

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