specific application question

i am just starting out in openGL and i want to draw a complex shaped asteroid and show a sphere moving around it in 3D. i have data files with numerous points and how they connect to make the outer surface of the asteroid. for the sphere, i have x, y, and z data as a function of time. i’d like to make a rudimentary movie out of this info. i was wondering if anyone had any advice about what programming language to use, and where to start learning how to begin. thanks for your help and please email your answers to abrinck@umich.edu.

Depends on your experience. Both C and C++ are OK. “OpenGL Programming Guide” is a good start.

The most prgramming experience I have is in C++, even though it’s not much at all, so I was thinking about starting there. On the other hand, I have heard that it can get tedious compared to the simplifications of other languages such as python. Also, what is the full name of that book? Author? Where would I find manuals that teach beginning OpenGL in other languages like python? Thanks for your help.