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Hi, I’m looking to generate some GL bindings so they are up to date and can be kept up to date when there is a new release. I don’t know much about Mac development - I do have one. I would like to include Mac too, so are there any AGL/CGL spec files like there is for WGL/GLX?


Ok then, going by the number of views and lack of responses, it looks like people want there to be, but there isn’t. No big deal, how hard would it be to create simple cgl.spec, cglext.spec, cglenum.spec, cglenumext.spec and cgl.tm anyway? Not that hard by the looks of it.

What would it matter to do this for CGL? Those things are provided by Apple and kept up-to-date by them. There are no extensions for Core OpenGL. Also, they’re in Objective-C, which has very different needs than C or C++ does.

Well, I originally thought AGL was the C api but from Apple’s docs it reads as if CGL is the C api and AGL is the ObjC api.

And like I said this to make automatic generatioon of language bindings easier to maintain.


Regal has CGL as a Python file: https://github.com/p3/regal/blob/master/scripts/cgl.py

In principle this could be converted to and from .spec, .xml, or whatever.
Some of the CGL entry points are undocumented, so this list isn’t complete.

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