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I’m writting a OpenGL binding generator for C#, and I’ve been to the extension registry page and I’ve seen the spec files for opengl itself, but are there similar spec files for GLX, AGL, and WGL? and if so, where can I download them?

I’ve been to the extension registry page

I have been too and I have found all extension specs you are looking for… do you have some reading problems or is my understanding of your problem wrong? :slight_smile:

extension registry

No I don’t have a reading problem #$!@^%, but you must. I’m looking for the wgl.spec, wglenum.spec, glx.spec, etc… files. NOT the gl.spec, glenum.spec files and certainly not the txt files detailing each and every individual extension.

You are being a bit arrogant for a guy who is new to the forums. All WGL etc. extensions are defined in the standard spec files, there are no extra files for them. As for WGL, GLX etc. themselves, they are not part of OpenGL and therefore have nothing to do in the spec files. Refer to the documentation of the appropriate libraries and write the import libtaty yourself (this are only few functions anyway).

Maybe its just people in Europe that don’t understand this post. So I’ll be a bit more clear – If you look at the source code for WINE they contain several spec files that are in the similar format as the gl.spec files and detail WGL, GLX, etc. I AM WELL AWARE where to find the gl*.spec files, that is NOT what I am asking about; I am asking if there is a place to find the *.spec files for WGL and GLX and other GL windowing systems that are current and up-to-date.

btw, way to misuse the word ‘arrogant’.

Once again: there are NO official spec files for WGL, GLX etc. AFAIK(as this libraries are not exactly part of OpenGL)!

Anyway: if you tried googling for “wgl.spec” you would have find this site: http://oss.sgi.com/cgi-bin/cvsweb.cgi/projects/ogl-sample/main/doc/registry/specs/
Seems someone is (was) still updating the files on the ogl-sample project… My guess is that WINE uses this files too.

Thanks. However, I didn’t ask for “official” documents, I was asking any documents period.

Than ask google. And please, never come to this forum again.

get over yourself dude.

Ok, if you have problems with understanding I will spell it out for you.

The spec files have their function: to describe the OpenGL API. Therefore, if you ask for the spec files, you get refered to the OpenGL site, where the official spec files are stored. If someone utilises the spec file idea for a particular project to describe other APIs, be it WGL or win32 or whatever - it is their business and their right; but existence of such projects is not common knowledge and you cannot expect anyone here to know about it. Let alone thinking that something like this would be found in the sample opengl implementation, a project which actually ceased any activity about 7 years ago… anyway, google helps as always.

So all your questions were answered in a honest and professionall manner. Please think about it and your attitude.

Topic closed (for me at least).

wow, you are very patient Zengar! :slight_smile:

Nullz I suggest you to read the spec file for the definition on “second degree” in humor sense.