Space naming??

All the time I’m working with different spaces but I’m not sure about their namings. So I’d be glad if someone could tell me if I’m “right”.
When I define vertex3f is it being defined in (Model space?), if it is then after Modelview matrix it should be transformed in view space (or not?) and finaly after multiplication with Projection matrix it transforms to (eye space??); I guess I’m wrong :frowning:
Only two multiplications occours but there are: tangent, eye, ?clip?, view, model spaces why so? In which space light calculations happens (before any matrix multiplication)? It seems bit confusing for me 8~(

All the renderings should happen after MODELVIEW matrix has been established. The projection matrix only decribes how 3D coordinates are transformed and clipped to your 2D screen plane.

By setting MODELVIEW matrix, all transformations behave as if you have a “pen” or a “brush”. Consider it as if you are always placed in the 0, 0, 0 origin (as defined with projection view matrix). All pending transformations to the modelview matrix set only the current drawing origin and direction vector.

That’s why you should always translate/transform to the center of your model, and draw the model about it.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the help