Source Code

Was not sure were to post this:
Is the source code availible to new operating systems?

I have a new 32bit Operating System…That is not yet available to the public… Is there info on porting openGL … source to recompile the libs? were to get more info on this…

or a link… something…

Thanks, in advance for any help…

Source code to what? OpenGL? OpenGL is an API, it has no “source code”. If you want, you can write an implementation yourself, read the specification and start coding (I wish you luck :slight_smile: ) – or you may have a look at Mesa, it is an OpenSource OpenGL implementation (well, sort of).

(or you may have a look at Mesa)
I’ll take a look at it!

Quote[it has no “source code”. ]

The methods and design are somewhere… Everything has source…it had to be compiled for a specific platform (linux,windows, any other system it works on)…

I did find a linux version of the source code!


Yeas, but you are talking not about OpenGL source code but particular OpenGL implementation source code here. Once again, openGL is an API and not a library. Quote from Wikipedia:

“The API itself is abstract, in that it specifies an interface and the behavior of the identifiers specified in that interface, it does not specify how the behavior might be implemented.”

Of course, there are numerous implementations of this API but most of them are closed source. The implementation you found for Linux is most likely to be Mesa, but – for example – Nvidia has its own closed-source implementation that comes with their linux drivers.