How can I play lots of sound at the same time. PlaySound() is not enough, it can only play one sound.

Someone knows a librairy ?

OpenAL, BASS, or FMOD to name a few.

And, where can I found it ?


good luck at trying to get it to work!! Because I sure haven’t… probably because I am new to this sort of thing… but if you do get openAL working, e-mail me, ok??

personally I’d try FMOD or BASS. Because the API doesn’t change every month like OpenAL. It’s really not stable. Yet.

Sorry, I can’t use it.
I dont’t arrive to use it.

Help me with another librairy please

Oh, I’m glad it’s not just me… I think I’ve tried every OpenAL snapshot they’ve released, and never got any of the demos to work.

OK, it’s still in development. Fine. But I do wish they’d splash some big “WARNING PRE-ALPHA” signs on their website, or by the time the finished thing appears most of their potential users will have given up on it.

Offtopic, I know…

Where can I found another librairy ?

What about DirectSound?

Regarding OpenAL: I have not been able to get it to work as well and it is a shame as it appears to have so much potential.

DirectSound, ugh. Only works on Windows, very unstable in my experience, and personally I’d rather be hurled naked into a tub full of starving elephant leeches than program to a COM API ever again. But then maybe I’m just kinky that way.

FMOD is at - it’s not open source like OpenAL, but it looks easy to use, the demos work, and I think there’s a Linux port in the works.


Thanks to all for your help. I’ll try FMOD.

Hmm, it’s look like easy to use, powerful.

I hope that I can use it!

from the FMOD tutorials:
“FMOD Uses a left handed coordinate system, (x = right, y = up, z = forwards), which is the same as DirectSound3D, A3D, and OpenGL”

isn’t z negative as we look ahead, and positive behind us?? That seems to be opposite of FMOD… but they say it is not… what’s really true?

Make some basic axes with your fingers on your right and left hands.

You’ll notice that the one on the right has a different orientation to the one on the left. Your initial camera position has nothing to do with it.

You usually find that if you look through maths books to do with vectors and planes, they can use either. Don’t worry about it too much, who really cares? (unless someone starts writing functions that use the wrong orientation… but you’ll soon know)


I can arrive to play a sound with FMOD under Windows 98, OpenGL.

It’s a simply WAV but I can play that.
Anyone can make a copy/paste of code for me ?


#include <iostream.h>
#include <fmod.h>
#include <fmod_errors.h>
#include <Windows.h> //for Sleep()

int main()

FSOUND_Init(44100, 64, 0);

samp = FSOUND_Sample_LoadWav(FSOUND_FREE, “C:/windows/media/chimes.wav”, FSOUND_HW3D | FSOUND_LOOP_NORMAL); //load samp
cout << “You should here the sound now!” << endl;

FSOUND_PlaySound(FSOUND_FREE, samp); // play samp
Sleep(700); //chimes is ~0.63 seconds long, we wanna wait so we can hear the sound before we shutdown FSOUND


return 0;


Thanks a million for your help !


Your code works, thanks.

But a question, how can I play a sound and moving in my game in the same time ?
Bucause, with your code, it plays the sound but I can do anything while it plays the sound. Anyone wanna help me ?

REM : I use FMOD

take out the Sleep() call… I think that should do it, I haven’t really messed with around with FMOD (yet), but I plan to soon.


If I don’t use Sleep, it don’t works.
The function “PlaySound()” of Microsoft has a params called “ASYNC”. But this simple function can play lots of wav in the same time.