Sound and OpenAL

Hi! I know this not a directly OpenGL question,
but I wanted to know some opinions from users using OpenAL in conjunction with OpenGL.

I need an interface that let’s me Fade in and fade out multiple sounds, and add ambient music. Just that. I don’t need a 3D sound system really.

However, it seems very easy to me to fake this with OpenAL using a static listener and and moving sources, to fade out and combine the sounds, but I am worried about performace.

Before I implement this I wanted to ask: did you guys suffer from any important perfomance loss after implemeting OpenAL even for very few sound emitters. Should I go for another sound library for my uses?

Thanks so much, I value your opinions very much.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

Hi! I know this not a directly OpenGL question,
It’s not an OpenGL question at all. It should be asked on an OpenAL forum.

OpenAL just “works”. I have not had much of a performance hit. Though, I wonder if having a lower bit rate on the audio file might help.

I’m confused why you would want to change the position of listener or source? You can just change the gain. Plus, moving the position might create some type of doppler effect.

//listener gain
alListenerf(AL_GAIN, gain);

//source gain
alSourcef(_id, AL_GAIN, gain);

Thanks nib for the tips! :slight_smile: