sorting for blending

hello, till now, i sort myself my poligons,first the one wich are not blended and then the ones wich must be blended,

could you give me some algorithm names or any tips to find explainations about how to sort the polygons by software ?


Binary space partitioning.
Or more commonly known as BSP. And there are hundred thousand articles out on depth sorting alone.

ok, tanks,
is it hard to implement/undrstand if i just want to sorf for blending first (not determining visible polys yet)


BSP is very easy to understand. But crap hard to implement. There’s some minor math’s involved, and it will help you with Col detection, and it will help you with methods to render faster. Because you basically just draw everything around you… It’s also a hard thing to find documentation on. But it’s well worth it.

I plan to bye a book or two about game programming, i have seen that this kind of stuff is in the summary of the books.

i have learn trees and binary trees during my scolarship, maybe it can help a little,

i think that i will start to find reading about this, but i will sort miself polygons during a while and learn some others things first.

once that i will have implemented bsp trees to sort for blending, does the features used
to only show visible polygons and every advantage that bsp can provide will be quickly enabled or it is a very different way of using bsp’s ? (i hope this is clear )