Sorry, off topic but... 12.40?!?!

I have got the NVidia Effects Browser and I don’t have the 12.40 drivers… Can someone give them to me? I don’t know where to register and become a registered developer… I would really appreciate since the NVEBrowser is a quite piece of work…

Thanks everyone

No offense, but this question is getting old


  • Tom

Speaking of 12.40 drivers, I installed the ELSA 12.40 drivers for my ELSA Gladiac 920, and noticed that my real time cube mapping demo has very noticeably dropped in speed!!

I haven’t had time to figure out why, but the other demos seem to run fine, so I’m thinking something to do with glCopyTexSubImage2D or something…???

very strange.

Is there a difference between ELSA’s 12.40 and nvidia’s 12.40?