Somewhat off-topic: 3d Workflow & Pipeline Academic rese

This post is not related to Collada.
But I think it might be interesting for a number of readers of this forum, I beg the rest of the readers to forgive me.

I am doing an academic research entitled: “Alternative Digital Audiovisual Production: Implementing a distributed remote workflow for the production of 3D computer animated films, according to the paradigms of open source”.

I am keeping a blog with my research at b[/b]
I try to outline a common framework for any type of 3D production workflow, that can further be used to drive the development of an open source web application for 3D productions, similar to what “sourceforge” and similar sites do for programming.
This program will mainly be targeted at amateur productions, allowing disperse teams of students, etc. to work together remotely in order to undertake more ambitious projects.

To begin with, I am collecting the available information on the subject:

  • Existing software
  • Related researchs and projects
  • Bibliography and papers
  • Web links of any kind, etc.
  • I would also like to contact with universities that might have research teams working on similar subjects.

Later on, I am planning to conduct an in-depth research on selected producing companies, both in person and also using a simple cuestionaire that allows to study the way different types of productions are made.

I welcome your help with information, comments, hints, and suggestions.
You can check what I have found so far, and reach me at my blog ([/color])