Sometimes fast - sometimes slow ?!

I’m working on an project.

Well - it’s working. But sometimes it’s very slow everything and there are blur effects where I never had programed someone (as if the Windows is resized with 1 pixel). Then are some textures completly white.
If I quit mIRC (a chat program) on my PC - it’s working without problems.

Well - ok - I could quit it everytime - But sometimes it works even with mIRC running at the same time. On other PCs it works always slow (with the same textures in white) or completly fast.

And I guess there are not too much textures or so on because it’s a little 2D game and there aren’t so much. In 3D games it would be more.

(Sorry about my english )

I could be wrong and probly am but it sounds to me like memory is not bieng used correctly.

What operating system do you use?

how much ram?

how much video?

hmm win2k, only 256 mb ddr and 32mb graphics.

Well - I don’t know how to free textures when I don’t need them. Only using the free() function wouldn’t be enought I guess.

or how to free an OpenGL project if I leave it.

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Originally posted by ProfEich:
Well - I don’t know how to free textures when I don’t need them.

Textures are released by using <a href=“” target="_blank">glDeleteTextures

Regarding “speed”, check so you always use a hardware accelerated pixel format. If glGetString(GL_VENDOR) is microsoft than you’re not hw accelerated. The easiest way to do this is to make sure your desktop color depth is 32bit.

weird things like the ones you describe are usualy due to incorrect memory read/write.

You may be aware of this, but fps drops due to computation time also come like steep ledges. If your program normally runs at 60fps, but your compilation time is very near being greater than (1/60)of a second, if it goes to (3/120)of a second, your fps will drop to 30. This is something to keep in mind, though, it may not be the trouble in this case. Like they said, make sure you are unloading your textures and image data. But just be aware of this too.

well. Now I use glDeleteTexture to unload them. But it doesn’t helped.

It is at the first run always fast (16ms per frame) and from the second run on always slow (160ms per frame).

And there aren’t so much textures so I guess it’s a bit extreme from 16ms to 160ms oO"