Something's dropping my frames

Ubuntu 11.04, Radeon HD 4850, fglrx, direct rendering is supported, some of the other apps (like the game “Lugaru”, for example) run fine, no frames are missing.

But my own port of my (originally Win32) game engine gets some of the frames dropped.

Tested it by drawing 0 for odd frames and 1 for even frames. It should be constantly changing in a way that makes understanding what’s written impossible. But the number would stay the same for more than one frame sometimes.

What am I missing in my context/window creation code?

Ah, there appears to be one important thing to add: this happens only in windowed mode for my game engine and I’m not sure anymore if the problem is exclusive to my setup only.
So perhaps it is something in the OS itself that is dropping frames?

EDIT: Fixed. It was a matter of compiz configuration. I changed some settings (and disabled screen update synchronization) and everything runs great now.

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