Something went wrong Error communicating with the Mixed Reality OpenXR Service

Windows 10 1909 - OpenXR installation = OK

Upgrade to 2004, ‘works’ according to System Status, ‘Demo Scene’ = OK,
but, Developer Settings important page, nope:

‘Something went wrong
Error communicating with the Mixed Reality OpenXR Service.’

This page is important for flying MSFS.

Uninstall/Reinstall, nope, won’t get it to work.


N.B. System Status page = OK

Thanks for posting! This is more of a developer forum, rather than a user support forum. I suggest you contact the support team for Flight Simulator who will be able to help you better.

are u kidding
‘contact the support team for Flight Simulator’
there is no “customer tech support team for Flight Simulator”.

You dev guys are exactly the ones to know what this is, it’s your OpenXR implemented that inserts itself in MS Windows Mixed Reality streaming, and it cannot find something, show its settings page.

Hi @mtjoeng, Khronos and the OpenXR devs at Khronos maintain the OpenXR specification. Microsoft handles the OpenXR implementation on their OS. You would be best to contact Microsoft directly with this issue, or perhaps post a question on their support board? One possible place to try is here:

I hope these suggestions guide you to a quick solution.