something new: a problem with, guess what, WinXP and good old opengl

Games like RTCW and JediKnightII need a good computer and OpenGL. I got a good computer with chaintech geforce2 64ddr and Win XP. And what happens when I run the games?? A black screen and then a box that says: glw_startOpenGL() - could not load OpenGL subsystem. I downloaded the newest nVidia drivers - nothing. I downloaded a program called scitech gldirect and it helped me with RTCW but not with JediKnightII.
I tried downloading Glsetup and it didnt work(only win95/98). Now I am stuck The says that WinXP users must get the drivers from the card manufacturer(which is chaintech for me i guess). So i went to the chaintech website but i didnt understand where i should download the drivers from… Please help me!!! plz