Something missing in glspec20

The OpenGL 2.0 core introduces glBlendEquationSeparate which is a feature of GL_EXT_blend_equation_separate, but in the OpenGL 2.0 specification update list, it is not mentioned. By the way, OpenGL 1.5 core doesn’t have this function.

I don’t think EXT_blend_equation_separate was added as part of 2.0. The only EXT that was added, AFAIK, is EXT_stencil_two_side. I’ll have to look back in my notes, and I’ll bring it up at the ARB meeting.

From ARB Meeting Notes March 2-3, 2004

EXT_blend_equation_separate - provides additional framebuffer functionality, not available through shaders since this stage of the pipeline isn’t currently programmable (although it could be done multipass with writemask or source framebuffer data from a rendered-to texture).

Straw poll: YES. A few companies want to sanity-check the extension, and make sure it uses the same enum values as the equivalent ATI vendor extension.

Dependency: Companies needing to do sanity checking have until March 31st to push back on the extension, or offer changes for compatibility. The ARB must formally vote to approve any changes.

From ARB Meeting Notes June 8-9, 2004

Separate Blend Equations
No issues; goes into core unchanged.